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I’ve never been able to lucid dream :\

Go to Whole Foods or a similar store and pick up some valerian root pills and some melatonin.

Take the valerian root about 30 minutes before you are planning to sleep. When you get into bed and are ready to sleep let one of the melatonin tabs dissolve in your mouth and then swallow.

That should help.

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Graziano Locatelli is an Italian artist working with mixed media and creating artworks from ready made materials like tiles.

I started assembling small tiles of aluminium that I cut from larger foils, I painted and put them together to produce works that would later represent the main structure of my current production. My early works are sharp and are often torn apart by heads and figures that try and break the wall and is still the subject of the breakage that bewitches me. 
After a few attempts at mixing cement, glue and tiles, I created a copious body of works that revolves around the theme of abandoned places. I wonder what meanings and feelings these (once) familiar places arouse in those who lived there. I see them as restless dreams, spaces in ruins inhabited by ghosts that still retain an embryonic life.